Bishop Sam Zuga to launch Samzuganet May 20

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Shedding more lights on the features and usage of, SAMZUGANET, which is set to be launched on Wednesday, May 20, Bishop Sam Zuga says, “The creation SAMZUGANET Social media community is also in line with the Africa Wake up sensitization campaign which I started immediately I returned from Dubai.

The Africa wake up sensitization is geared towards creating awareness to the world that we have something to offer. That’s why we created Samzuganet which functions like Facebook but with better interesting features. It’s a social media community where you can also advertise your business free of charge, interact with people and make friends.

In a press briefing the cleric added: “Everyone has been panicking about Coronavirus which is a global pandemic. But for me, Bishop Dr. Sam Zuga, my best time in life is this time. Everywhere in the world is on a total lockdown. But this is the time I trained over one hundred youths.

After that, within the same period of global lockdown, I launched SAMZUGA CHAT, within the same period I gave over five hundred youths letters of employment. Within the same period the vision 0202-2020 was launched with evidences. In addition, over 200 youths where given cash in millions to start up businesses.”

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