Why the lock down is useless, Bishop Dr. Sam Zuga Lamented.

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As Yesterday mark 27 days of Coronavirus sensitization seminar with Bishop Dr. Sam Zuga (Jehovah Field Marshall).

The Benue philanthropist cum Nigeria famous clergy while addressing not fewer than 100 people who are undergoing isolation under his watch in Yola, the capital city of Adamawa State. The Bishop narrated, it is pitiable and lugubrious since the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, it seems Nigeria government is much interested in lockdown than looking for preventive measures to avert the spread of the pandemic.

While addressing the multitude the Bishop added, the best thing to do in a trying time like this is to give people a proper orientation on how to prevent themselves from contracting the deadly disease. According to the Bishop, in an underdeveloped country like Nigeria where an average citizen means of livelihood depends on the number of times he/she go out, then locking such people down by the government in the sake of palliative with little or no help from the same government is inhuman and indirect murder!

The Bishop added, those who are indoor today following the government directives if consulted, 80% of such people will elect to be killed by Coronavirus than to die indoor silently by hungry.

In his speech, the Benue humanitarian further explained that it is now obvious that the government as machinery or institution of the state has fallen below the doctrine of the ” rule of law”. In his point the Jehovah Field Marshall said and I quote,” the same government that recently accused, arrested and charged the popular artist Mrs. Funke for organizing birthday party in his own house is the same government that hosted and celebrated the birthday of a serving Governor in southeast geopolitical axis without apology”.

During the teaching in the seminar, Bishop Dr. Sam Zuga reveille that, if appropriate measures are not taking by the government, after Coronavirus will come and go Africans and Nigeria to be precise will face the real issue of hunger pandemic.

In conclusion, the Benue clergy added that he will continue to do his best to ensure that those undergoing isolation under his watch are well equipped with the knowledge and economic weapons that will pave way for the liberation of Africa from mental slavery.

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